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How to configure Opening Balance for Leaves ?

Configuration Presence

Opening Balance Opening Balance tab is used for uploading and processing of leaves. Web user can go to this option  and find options like upload, configure and manual processing.  You can upload leave data for the employees in master log in bulk. To create t...

How to configure discounts with User Groups or Users?

Configuration Purchase Orders

Discount created can be assigned to the user through User Groups This can be done by following steps:  From Navigation Menu, go to Configuration module. Click on Purchase Orders sub-module. Click on the Discount tab. Click Settings ⚙️ icon to set Discount...

How to configure Tax exemption?

Configuration Purchase Orders

In order to configure Tax Exemption,  follow the below steps:  From Navigation Menu, click on the Purchase Orders under Configuration module. Click on the Tax Exemption tab. Click on the plus '+' icon to add.  Now enter Tax Exemption Name and Description....

How to create Bands in Presence?

Configuration Presence

In order to create bands in FeetPort for attendance and leave management. It helps the web user to analyze the attendance history of the employees. Bands can be created through following step: From left Navigation Menu, go to Configuration module then click ...

View & Download Single User Report and Multi User Report

Reports & Analysis User Report

Single-User Attendance: View & Download From Urva home page, go to  User Reports under Analysis. Under the User Reports, you can choose the Single-User Attendance report and click on View. Select Supervisor and then Pick a level and sub-levels acc...

How to Flag expenses and view them?


To Flag an expense, follow the below steps: Click on the Expenses module form the Navigation Menu. Go to the Pending Expenses tab. Select the expense entry you want to flag and click the Flag icon on the upper right side.   To View the Flagged expense...

How to view & apply My Own/ Web User Expenses?


A Web User can view his own submitted expenses from FeetPort web portal by following the below steps: Click the Expenses module from the Navigation Menu. Under the My Own tab, you can view the expenses details.    

How to view mapped users with subscriber?

Users & Identity Subscribers

To view the mapped user with a subscriber, please follow the below steps: From the Navigation Menu, click Subscribers under the Users & Identity module. Click on the Mapped Users icon in front of the listed Subscriber. You will be able to see the users...

How to configure the Log Out settings for Mobile Users?

Users & Identity Users

You can change the Log Out Preferences for the mobile users from the web console by following the below mentioned steps: From Navigation Menu, Go to the Users & Identity Module. Click on the Users sub-module. Now click on the users for which you want t...

How to configure Opening Balance?

Configuration Presence

You can configure the Master Log by following the below mentioned process: From Navigation Menu, click on the Presence option under the Configuration module. Click on the Opening Balance  and then click the configuration icon. Choose from the available opt...

How to view Closed Expenses?


To view your own expenses, follow the below steps: In the Navigation Menu, Go to the Expenses tab. Under the Closed tab, you can view the expenses details.

How to create Location Collection?

Collection Location

Add cities and location in Location Collection for mapping them with the field users. You can create collection for location data by following the below steps: From Navigation Menu on the left, go to the 'Collection' module. Under the Collection, click the...

How to export Area Report?

Reports & Analysis Area Report

To export area report, please follow the steps mentioned below: Go to Reports & Analysis module from Navigation Menu in FeetPort web console Click on General Reports sub module and then choose Area Report. Click on Area Report you want to export. Now...

How to create a Subscriber ID?

Users & Identity Subscribers

Create Subscriber one by one: A subscriber is non-user of FeetPort, basically person who doesn't have access to either FeetPort mobile app or web console but still wants an update on any activity. Let's take an example, employees who are not directly heading ...

How to configure Mobile User Dashboard?

Reports & Analysis Dashboards

Mobile user dashboard keeps mobile users updated with their performance with help of analytics and charts. Mobile user dashboard can be easily configured with the following steps: From Navigation Menu,  go to Reports & Analysis module. Choose Dashboards...

How to configure permission of Screenshot taken by the mobile user?

Users & Identity Roles

This feature helps Webuser to know if mobile user has taken screenshot or not in FeetPort app. For configuring this feature web user should have permission with screenshot taken option checked. To configure it, follow the steps mentioned below: From Naviga...

How to view and export Target Report?

Reports & Analysis General Reports

Web User can view or export target reports in excel through followings steps: From Navigation Menu, go to Reports & Analysis module in FeetPort web console. Click on General Reports sub module and choose Target report. Now click on the Target Report ou...

How to add questions to Question Bank one by one ?

Learning Question bank

Learning module helps you to understand the principles and products of the organisation. It helps in the better understanding of the product in a much smarter way. To configure question bank, please follow the below steps: From the Navigation Menu, click on...

How to create a Quiz in Web Console?

Learning Quiz

A place where your knowledge about the product is tested. Under this module, you can view the pending, active and the completed quiz.  From the navigation menu, click on the Learning module. Then click on the Quiz module. Click on the '+' icon to create a ...

How to enable minimum required time to spend on a task before a field user can finish it?

Configuration Activity

A web user can fix time to be spent on a task that will be completed by a field user. This restricts the field user to spend the minimum time required for a task and task can not be finished before specific time. Learn how to configure the feature on a web po...