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View users present in a group and modify group preferences

View users in the group please follow the steps mentioned below:
  1. From your navigation menu in FeetPort web console click on Users & Identity and then click on User Groups.
  2. Click on a user group to see details.
  3. Click on Show users and see mapped MOBILE USERS and WEB USERS.
Modify group preferences

Every user group can have specific preferences that can be used by users in the group only.  

  1. From Navigation Menu. go to Users & Identity module.
  2. Click on User Groups.
  3. Select the user group from the list.
  4. Choose Preferences accordingly.
  5. First is  Assign user Preferences which can assist user to assign directly to the group.
  6. Second is Collection Preferences , Just click on this preference and user can view more options like Name of collection, create task , create reminder , create meeting, create item which can be set accordingly. There is a delete option by which user can delete this collection configuration and also has + icon which can use to add configuration according to user requirement.
  7. After set these collection preferences settings , click on the submit button to save these settings.
  8. Third is Allow edit order which can be set by user demand , if you want to continue or not with this option you can click on checkbox accordingly.