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I am unable to login to Urva. What shouId I do?

A user may sometimes face issue of not been able to sign in to Urva App on mobile device.
Please check the mobile settings as per following to avoid such instances:
  • Check your Location mode and set it to 'High Accuracy'.
  1. Go to Device settings, and tap on Location option.
  2. Turn on location and select mode as High accuracy.



  • Check Battery optimization and make it "Disabled".
  1. Go to Device settings and tap on Device Maintenance.
  2. Tap on Battery option and click Battery usage.
  3. Tap the More button on the action bar at the top right and choose Optimize battery usage.
  4. On the Optimize Battery Usage screen, choose All apps list from the drop-down to see all the apps on the device.image-1652687840377.png

  5. Click on Urva  from the list of apps and choose Don’t optimize and tap on DONEimage-1652687453949.png
  6. Exit Settings and open Urva  application from Device Menu.
  7. Login to Urva.
  8. Tap on “Click here to begin

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