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I am unable to check in as location is not available. What should I do?

When a field user is unable to check as the location is not captured on the map, it can be a temporary issue. For location issues, perform following troubleshooting.

  1. Check by Turning Off & On the Location service/ GPS.
  2. Location Service should be on High Accuracy. ( For checking the location mode, click here: How to change location mode?
  3. Check if the location is picked up by other apps like Google maps, uber etc.
  4. Enable the permission to access of location for FeetPort. You need to go to app permissions and check.
  5. Hotspot and Airplane mode must be disabled
  6. Battery Optimization should be Off. To know more about turning off battery optimization, click here: How to disable 'Battery Optimization' )
  7. Reboot/Restart Device.