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How to complete a deferred task? (Android)

A user can save a task for later and he can complete after sometime. This option is called as Defer. When user completes the activity form and completes the task, he gets two options: Submit Later and Submit Now.

When user clicks on Submit Now, the task gets completed and synced in FeetPort web. If you click on Submit Later, the task is deferred and saved temporarily.

User can complete/ finish the deferred task in following steps:

  1. From home page on FeetPort mobile.
  2. Click on Activities and then the choose the activity form.
  3. Under Pending tab, you will see your deferred or pending tasks that need to be completed.
  4. Now you need to click on START to open the task again.
  5. Go to Forms and edit or enter the new information.
  6. Go to Finish tab and click on Submit Now.