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How to capture Orders from URVA Mobile app ?

Urva has made work easier for sales team by facilitating them with the option of capturing orders from their customers or clients through this app.
Now no more paperwork or filling up the lengthy sheets of form,  just capture orders using Urva application.

Web user can configure all relevant details from the backend regarding capturing orders of products / services details required to be displayed to field user while taking orders.

The product list can be uploaded from web portal that contains product details (info / description / price) so field user can fetch information using SKU or searching product and all information is fetched & populated in the application by itself.

Let us show you how to take Orders in Urva mobile application : -
  1. From the 'Activities' option from the home page of app, click on the Activity in which order needs to be captured.
  2. Create a new task by tapping on '+' icon at top.
  3. Tap on CHECK IN to proceed.
  4. Under FORMS tab fill all relevant information as required.
  5. Tap on ORDER tab to capture details of order captured.
  6. Tap on Search option to  search the product for filling order, (by default application displays products list).
  7. User can search the product by entering Product Name.
  8. Product information appears in the drop down, click on the drop down value to choose.
  9. Relevant information of product is automatically fetched from backend and is displayed. User can tap on the arrow (pointing downwards) to view all information.
  10. Enter the Quantity of order taken and total amount is automatically calculated at the bottom.
  11. Multiple products can be captured by tapping on the '+' icon appearing at bottom.
  12. Tap on FINISH tab and complete task by tapping "FINISH & SYNC" to save and sync the task with the server.

Please note under Tax and Discount can be configured under Order tab from backend, as per company's requirement.  Also an Auto email can be sent to customer for the order taken which will be a confirmation of order received from them. Hence no paperwork is required.

Let's deploy this feature in your process and go paperless.