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How to create Cards in App Studio?

Urva gives you the power to think and innovate the way you want to use Urva. We call it Super App builder. Select the way you want to see the app.

Steps to create the "Own Feel App" in Urva:

  1. From home page, go to Profile Settings.
  2. Click on Switch to 3.0.
  3. A new screen will open.
  4. Go to Admin settings and then scroll down to Home Builder.
  5. A new screen will appear.
  6. On left handside, you will see the options available to create the cards in the home page of app. (Card can be customized in case of shape, color, Text Size etc.
  7. The various cards available for creation are Header, Description, etc. For example: If you want o create Header. Drag the header from left side.
  8. For each card you can define Style, Details and Permissions.

Style: We can select Color, Label name and Icon for the card.

Details:  In details, you can select the type of module to be shared in that card. Fro example: if we select the dashboards then we can configure various dashboards in form of List, Accordian, Analytics and List View.

               If you select Contact, then you can configure the contacts database to show under this card.

Permissions: Under Permissions, you can select roles to whom these cards will be visible in the app.