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How to create Bands in Presence?

In order to create bands in FeetPort for attendance and leave management. It helps the web user to analyze the attendance history of the employees.

Bands can be created through following step:

  1. From left Navigation Menu, go to Configuration module then click on 'Presence' sub-module.
  2. Click on 'Bands' tab.
  3. Click on '+' icon to add new band
  4. Enter Name, Code, Geo-attendance , Holiday calendar and Approval level.
  5. Under User Settings, choose shift timings, track interval and allowing sign out. 
  6. Also, you can click on the check boxes to enable listed permissions.
  7. You can allow Tag Creation under Extension settings.
  8. Configure 'Attendance Settings' and Default time of approval of open requests.
  9. Click 'Save' to create the band.